Paintball fields & objective based games

Speedball Field


Speedball is played on a flat, fully enclosed ( netted) and grassed field with an equal number of inflatable bunkers on each side. As the name suggests, the pace of the game is very quick. The objective of the game is to eliminate the other team, capture the flag in the centre of the field and run it into the opposing team's deadbox. There are usually 5 people on each team and is intended for players who like to run, slide, dive, shoot fast and play hard and quick games. If speedball is your game, come test your skills on our official sized CXBL ( Canadian Xtreme Paintball League) X-Ball field.

Speedball Field

Objective based games

Unlike Speedball, objective based games are normally played on larger fields with different "themes" such as Western Towns, Military type fields, etc.

There are numerous 'objective based games' to be played which gives paintball a level of excitement which may not be reached without such a variety.

Total Elimination is one of the most common types of games, with 2 of the most popular games being Capture the Flag and Centre Flag. The list of options is long, but includes such games as Iron Man, Zombies, Bomb, Command & Conquer ( Attack & Defend), Predator & Prey, All the President’s Men, etc.

If you enjoy the excitement of running from building to building or bunker to bunker in various themed fields, getting ready to tag another player, why not bring your group and test your skills! Or, if you don’t have a group just give us a call and see if there’s a group already here that you could join.

Laser Tag paintball style

Paintball Laser Tag is for everyone! It is the new realistic and perfect option for groups or individuals concerned about the perceived mess or pain of traditional paintball games. It is played with real paintball markers and provides the same role-playing and adrenaline rush that people are experiencing through other mediums ( such as real paintball or video games ). With Paintball Laser Tag, players instantly know who they hit… and who hits them! No special clothing is required, everything you need is provided when you book a Paintball Laser Tag group with HP-eh Paintball. Tippmann rental markers, HPA tanks, a high-tech Laser System attached to each marker, an RF receiver and an infrared barrel. If you'd love to enjoy the thrill and excitement of playing paintball, but without the mess, why not give Paintball Laser Tag a try! You won’t be disappointed.

Speedball Field
PRO shop

Our Pro Shop is stocked with a variety of markers, marker accessories, goggles, hoppers, tournament and recreational clothing, CO2 & HPA air fills for both field & home use, paintballs and more. If there's something that you would like that we don't have in stock, we'd be more than happy to order it for you. We have 2 Certified Repair Technicians on staff that are trained to repair most markers on the market including Tippmann, Spyder, Eclipse, Dye and more.